Thursday, November 5, 2009

Jenny, I got your number

Jenny McCarthy rant to supplement Laura's Oprah rant:
This woman has been on my “celebrities that need to shut the f-up” list for quite awhile. I’m not going to get into her whole ridiculous vaccines = autism crap because this soap box will not support my weight long enough for 2 rants. Today’s rant is about how Jenny McCarthy thinks that a gluten-free diet CURED HER SON’S AUTISM. Yes, you read that correctly.

I can’t ….I don’t even…..this HURTS MY SOUL. Now I am not a doctor (I am not even a Celiac for that matter) but isn’t this the equivalent of saying “Becoming a vegetarian cured my Dyslexia”? To make matters worse, I found this little nugget of awesome while doing blog research on none other than the “Living Without” website. “Living Without” is (I thought)  a respected publication for people with allergies and food sensitivities. Way to feed the celebrity I’m-going-to-give-you-uneducated-and-possibly-dangerous-medical-advice-because-I-am-famous-and-I-can machine. Is Jenny McCarthy really going to help your sales that much? Now desperate parents of autistic children are going to deprive their kids of an entire food group on the say-so of a moron. Shame on you Living Without! And to think I almost bought Amy a subscription for Christmas, screw that!

 yup, this person looks totally qualified to give medical 
and nutritional advice

According to the LW article, health expert Dr. McCarthy and her partner in crazy, Jim Carrey, are both gf as well. Funny, the gluten-free diet didn’t seem to do anything for their mental disabilities? 

is it just me or is Jim Carrey starting to look like "Killer Bob" from Twin Peaks?  

 I get it lady, you love your kid, you want the best for him blah, blah, blah. But how happy is your kid going to be when he gets older and realizes he is responsible for a generation of children that have contracted Measles and weren’t allowed to eat Oreos. I hope all this money you are making spouting your nonsense is enough to pay for the therapy your child is going to need.

maybe she does have Celiacs?


  1. oh my god this is amazing, i think it is no coincidence that she and oprah are cajones

    p.s. your last photo caption KILLED me. blame it on the grain indeed

  2. Are you seriously ripping on the gluten/autism connection? You need to look into the link between gluten and both symptoms of autism and schizophrenia. I'm honestly a little surprised that her child only had to give up gluten, if that is the case, and not also dairy. Most autisic children need to give up both to relieve as many symptoms as you make it sound she is claiming were relieved.

  3. Honestly, unless you have celiacs or another gluten intolerance/allergy it almost impossible to live completely gluten free?

    Does her child ever relapse after eating out? Or having a prepared item that said it was GF but has cross comtamination?

    As someone on a mandatory GF diet for celiacs and knowing how many times I get sick from supposedly GF meals there's no way for this to be a complete cure unless the kid is consistently relapsing. Then maybe there could be some support for it.

    However, there is NO peer evaluated respected MEDICAL evidence of a link between gluten intake and Autisim. If you want to make a claim cite the articles from a medical journal that is well respecting within the medical community, that has been peer-reviewed and is within the last 10 years.

  4. I love the debate! I wasn't trying to write a serious article though, I am just sick of know-it-all celebrities giving medical advice.

    From what I have read, there is no known "cure" for autism, but some children have "lost their diagnosis." Some people think there is a correlation between the diminished symptoms and diet, but it is still debated.

    I'm not trying to state medical fact, but I think that the Living Without article should have accompanied the interview with medical facts. To me it read as if they took it as fact that this woman cured her child's autism. No one can say that either way, because autism diagnosis is based on observable behavior, not measurable symptoms.

    Oh, and I was just trying to make people laugh :)

  5. You succeeded, I laughed. Especially at "becoming a vegetarian cured my dyslexia." Bravo!

  6. So let me get this straight: Jenny McCarthy opened her first school... for kids with autism... promoting her kooky ideas... Those kids are doomed.

  7. There's nothing wrong with Jenny's son other than . .he's her son. She's one epic fail parent.

  8. behavioral therapies have shown effectiveness in some children with autism, particularly when started early; diets have not been found to be effective. Michael, do your scientific research, not celebrity.