Sunday, November 15, 2009

Man's Best Friend is Now Gluten Free

As a complete joke, I decided to look into the secret life of gluten free diets for your pet. I expected to find no such google search results.

But then I remembered we live in a society of reality tv, high heels for your crawling infant, Bradgalina and people that seem to enjoy John Mayer, so I was not too surprised when google yielded search results for "gluten free diet for your pet", when in Rome...

Your gluten free body is a wonderland

Why a gluten free diet for your pup you ask. Well it is simple really. Dog food, dog treats and yes, even some cleaning products you might use on your pup can contain gluten. If you are a celiac, you will know better than anyone how easily cross contamination can happen and the consequences that can follow.

Not as exciting as how a baby is made, but you get the idea

Now, I find it hard to believe that a person with celiacs (or most people for that matter) would use their hand to fill their dog's food bowl, and then without washing that hand, shove it into their mouth - thus carrying out the cross contamination. But, I guess shit happens.

I am not into people dressing their dogs, doggy hotels or bling for your pup, so I fall a little bit on the skeptical side of having to put your dog on a gluten free diet just because you are.

Adorable or horrible? Truly, I am conflicted.

HOWEVER, I have seen the evil side of gluten and what it can do. My friend Amy cannot go into a restaurant where she can see the kitchen - it freaks her out. Try to carry on a conversation with her with that kitchen in view - you can't. She is like a hawk waiting for Mr. Chef Man to touch a bun and then handle her lettuce - it literally makes her a paranoid woman. Not cool gluten! Because of this act of crazy (although, understandable) I can fall on the side of the fence that might consider making your pet gluten free. BUT YOU BETTER REALLY HAVE CELIACS CAUSE IF OPRAH TOLD YOU TO PUT YOUR PET ON A GLUTEN FREE DIET FOR NO REASON I SWEAR I AM COMING TO YOUR HOUSE TO BURN YOUR MAILBOX!!

I digress. There is also another reasonable reason to make your pet gluten free. Just like us complex and weak humans, pups can get sick from gluten. According to an article I found on, "dogs can get eosinophilic gastroenteritis (a chronic disease that disrupts the normal function of the intestines) and it is believed that gluten is the cause." How sad. Imagine if Turk was gf!

Holy crap, puppy Turk should really be illegal.

In conclusion, I learned something today. Sometimes something you think is an absurd idea can actually be beneficial to certain people. Theoretically, Amy COULD get glutened from feeding her dog - I don't see it happening, but then again I never envisioned Amy not being able to eat bread. I supposed it is something for her to take into consideration. Remember kids, gluten is a sneaky son of a bitch, it lives in places you never think to look. With that in mind, let us all try to keep man's best friend, man's friend that doesn't accidentally gluten their owner.


  1. Funny story, we happened to have gf treats for turk ..just because they looked delish. They were blueberry dog treats and he really liked them and they just happened to be gf. And on the front of the bag it says "gluten free" of course. Both Michelle and Scott attempted to eat these treats, I believe Scott succeeded in eating them...
    they thought they were gf amy treats, not turk treats. thats when you know your allergy sucks, when not 1, but 2 people confused dog food for your food.

  2. I did NOT eat the dog treats! They sounded great in theory, I like blueberries, but smelled weird. Scott apparently did not smell test before he ate.

    PS- when packaging Gluten-Free dog treats, please make sure that the words "dog treats" are larger than the words "gluten free."

  3. haha....I love the john mayer subtitle!!

  4. All of our pets are fed gluten free. I wouldn't dream about doing it any other way. If you do you are BAD PET OWNER.

  5. what the shit. Did you guys get jobs or something. where is my blog when i need it?!!? I HAVE BEEN GLUTENED!!!!