Friday, November 6, 2009

Do You Know The Gluten Free Muffin Man?

As a bf of a gf, it is important to me to make sure that I have options. Amy and I live a mere 2,402 miles apart, but when she comes to visit, I want to make sure we can go out to eat at least once. I did an extensive search throughout the bay area, noting gluten-free food here, potato vodka there and weird hippy shit everywhere (not necessarily gluten-free).

What I found is a celiac's baked good dream castle, Mariposa Bakery. Mariposa is strictly a gluten-free facility, which means no chance of cross contamination, which in turns means as a celiac, you can eat there stress (and gluten) free.

Mariposa has a wide selection of baked goods, from biscotti, brownies, coffee cake, cookies, bagels, tea loaves and even pizza crust.

Brownies, tea cake, coffee cake and biscotti - gluten free delights @ Mariposa

When Amy was visiting, she had the luck of visiting during Mariposa's anniversary party, which meant all the mentioned items above were free in sample size to the public (along with a gluten-free beer tasting next door). Amy was treated to items such as red velvet cupcakes, apricot pizza, lemon poppy seed cake and chocolate chip cookies. I mean, look at this spread:

Amy on the happiest day of her gluten-free life

Now, as a wheat-eater and a hard core dessert eater - I would not have been able to tell that any of these items were gluten free. In fact, I think I preferred many of the item to gluten filled desserts I have had (based solely on taste NOT as a diet or a trend).

Although Mariposa is located in Oakland, California, do not fret. They ship their goods all over the country priority (to make sure those goods are still good when they get to you) at a pretty reasonable price. Let's face it, gluten-free food is expensive, but once you try a garlic bagel from Mariposa, you'll happily throw down the $8.00 for a bag of them.

They also offer gift sets - come on, chrismahaukakwanzanewyearmas is coming up - think of all the food your gluten-free friend is going to miss out on, all i am saying, is give celiacs a chance!

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